Sublime text shortcut for moving whole line up or down

10/03/15  Public, Shortcuts

On a mac:

command + control + up-arrow

command + control + down-arrow

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Add all Google Fonts to Sketch 3

10/03/15  Public, Online Resources


All you have to do is paste the code below into Terminal:

curl | sh

If yo...

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In a controller spec, calling a PUT or POST action

09/18/15  Public, Testing / TDD

From users_controller_spec.rb:

put :update, :id =>, :user => { :active => false }

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Settings file for "Oh My ZSH" command line interface

08/29/15  Public, Command Line

The file used to make settings adjustments for Oh My ZSH is a dotfile called .zshrc

It is located in the root ~ directory

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Step through pry sessions when debugging

08/18/15  Public, Testing / TDD

Adds step, next, finish and continue commands and breakpoints to Pry using byebug.

Only supports MRI (ruby) 2.0.0 or newer. For MRI 1.9.3 or older, use pry-debugger

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String interpolation with single and double quotes dealing with escape characters

08/14/15  Public, Testing / TDD, Ruby General

This expectation does not recognize/interpolate the @volunteer.phone_number:

expect(response.body).to include('<Message to="#{@volunteer.phone_number}">Anybody home?</Message>')

By using Ruby programming *alternate double quo...

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Adding a unique constraint to a Postgres database column

08/11/15  Public, Databases

class AddUniqueConstraintToVolunteerPhoneNumber < ActiveRecord::Migration
  def change
    reversible do |dir|
      dir.up do
        execute 'ALTER TABLE volunteers ADD CONSTRAINT unique_phone UNIQUE (phone_number)'

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Bring down a new Git branch from origin repo to your local repo

08/08/15  Public, Git

If there is a new branch out on the origin repo (in GitHub), and you do no have a copy of that branch in your local remote repo, here is what you will run to bring that copy down to your local remote repo:

$ git checkout master
$ git ...

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