Test one specific file or spec with spring, without running guard

03/21/16  Public, Command Line, Shortcuts, Testing / TDD

This syntax will allow you to take advantage of the speed that spring offers, when running just one spec file, or just one spec within the file (or context), without running [guard](https://github.com/guard/g...

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Find all the available instance methods for a given class

03/07/16  Public, Ruby General

To see all the instance methods available on a given class

1 - from a class object call .instance_methods on the class (i.e. User.instance_methods)

2 - from ...

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Create browser bookmark in Alfred

03/02/16  Public, Shortcuts


To create a new bookmark:

  1. Open the Alfred search window
  2. Paste in the URL of the bookmark
  3. Once you can tell it has been recognized as a website, hit enter

To use...

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Passing a block into a method, as a parameter - Using Proc and &block

02/12/19  Public, Ruby General

In order to pass a block into a method, as a parameter:

  1. Create a Proc and put the block's contents inside of it
  2. Pass the Proc in as parameter, placing an & in front of the variable's name
  3. In the method, the block parameter will...

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Link one JavaScript file to another in Rails - Use function in one.js inside of two.js

01/20/16  Public, Other Languages

In Rails, this is to place your JS code in more than one file, based on functionality, to keep things DRY, and to prevent one file from becoming large and complicated.

If you want to call a function from one.js in files two.js and `three.js...

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JavaScript - Remove all non-alphanumeric characters, new lines, and multiple white space from string

12/27/15  Public, Other Languages

Here is the Regular Expression: /[\W_]+/g

For example:

var str = "234&^%,Me,2 2013 1080p x264 5 1 BluRay!@#$%&*()_-+=";

var filtered = str.replace(/[\W_]+/g, '');

==>  "234Me220131080px26451BluR...

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JavaScript libraries

12/15/15  Public, Other Languages

- A JavaScript utility library delivering consistency, modularity, performance, & extras.

- Parse, validate, manipulate, and display dates in JavaScript.

- Underscore is a ...

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Ruby Case statement (aka Switch statement)

11/20/15  Public, Ruby General

Standard Case

print "Enter your grade: "
grade = gets.chomp
case grade
when "A"
  puts 'Well done!'
when "B"
  puts 'Try harder!'
when "C"
  puts 'You need help!!!'
  puts "You just making it up!"


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Sharing your GitHub SSH public key

10/16/15  Public, Git

Check if you have an SSH key by calling $ ls -al ~/.ssh. If you have these in there:


Then continue on. If not, follow the steps in the link at the bottom of the page.

1 - In your terminal, go to the root ...

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How to show & hide hidden dot (.) files in the Mac Finder window

10/15/15  Public, Command Line

1 - In Terminal, enter $ defaults write com.apple.finder AppleShowAllFiles YES
2 - Press return
3 - Hold the ‘Option/alt’ key, then right click on the Finder icon in the dock and click Relaunch.

To hide them, repeat the above steps, expect ...

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