Disable an ES lint rule - inline

04/24/17  Public, Other Languages


The linting error I was receiving was:

Do not mutate state directly. Use setState() 

Here is an example of applying the inline disabling of the r...

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Expand out html tags in React jsx files using Emmet

02/18/17  Public, Shortcuts

control + e

turns span.blah into <span className="blah"></span>

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Shortcut for bringing up mission control in a Mac

01/16/17  Public, Shortcuts

control + up arrow


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Shortcut for highlighting URL in chrome

01/16/17  Public, Shortcuts

command + L

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Free course on how to contribute to an open source project

12/27/16  Public, Git

Great free course on how to contribute to an open source project. Includes all of the small, integral steps that are key to the contribution process.


Here are s...

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Creating a local copy of the routes.rb file to speed up your grepping of the routes

10/08/16  Public, Command Line, Rails General

Grepping your routes.rb file, for decent size projects, can take a long time. One solution to speed up this process is to create a local copy of the current state of your routes.rb ...

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before_* callbacks rollback transactions if its method returns false

10/05/16  Public, Rails Errors, Troubleshooting

I had a form, where in one of the fields, the user was clicking a drop-down menu, and choosing between one of three choices.

After the form was submitted, I had a callback that was doing something to the record.

When the user selected op...

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Encode an SVG file using base64 encoding

09/22/16  Public, Command Line, Tricks, Other Languages

Here is how to encode an SVG file, using base64 encoding, and then leverage the encoded string to set an element's background-image property to the SVG file in question.

1 - Open up an irb session
2 - Read the file into a variable, using...

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Controller spec when controller method is being hit through AJAX

07/29/16  Public, Testing / TDD

I had a controller method that is being called via AJAX. This method does not specifically render any pages (i.e. update.html.erb). The controller spec was throwing a missing template error

Failure/Error: put :update,

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