Explanation of the Singleton Pattern in ruby

06/18/18  Public, Ruby General


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How to look at an older version of the rails API docs

05/07/18  Public, Rails General

You add in /v4.2.1/ into the URL, for the version in question. For example:

Before URL:

After URL:

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To run sidekiq

07/25/18  Public, Rails General

For perform_later

And in a separate tab:

bundle exec sidekiq

To view the local dev page of queues and jobs running, failed, etc., visit:

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Difference between include vs extend

03/05/18  Public, Ruby General

Great article by https://twitter.com/feministy that explains the difference between using include vs extend andself, when using modules:


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Ruby Blog

02/19/18  Public, Online Resources

This is my blog where I have written over 60 free articles for everyone to enjoy.


You will find all kinds of topics covered:

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Require and load a gem in IRB for testing purposes while developing the gem

01/20/18  Public, Ruby General, Gems

  • cd into the root of the gem
  • run bin/console



  • cd into the root of the gem
  • run bundle console


  • cd into the root of the gem
  • run irb -I lib
  • run require "name_of_gem"

For example:

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Workflow for upgrading Rails versions

12/25/17  Public, Rails General

First, read through the Rails "A Guide for Upgrading Ruby on Rails".

In general, you can follow the steps in this [Ruby on Rails Upgrade Guide blog post](http://nithinbekal.com/post...

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Benchmarking in the Rails Console

01/01/18  Public, Rails Errors, Ruby General

The various attributes of the object returned (Benchmark::Tms) are provided here.

Here is a sample applicati...

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How to change password manually

02/27/18  Public, Command Line, Shortcuts

rails c in development
heroku run rails console in production

If user exists

var = User.first OR var = User.find(id number)
var.password = "password"
var.password_confirmation = "password"
var.confirmed_at = Time.now


If u...

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