Ways to create test email addresses

10/28/14  Public, Tricks, Testing / TDD

1) You can add a “+” sign right after your email prefix, and then add anything after that, between the + and the @, and it will create unique test emails address. All of which will be emailed to your original address.

For example, if your emai...

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Applying a focus during rspec testing to test just one specific area

11/24/14  Public, Command Line, Testing / TDD

add , focus: true on the area to be tested. You can use any word here, instead of focus. (i.e. foobar)

describe "the root page", focus: true do
  visit "/"

Then to run the rspec on just that focussed area you type in...

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How to run a spec / test when there is a time latency or lag involved

10/28/14  Public, Testing / TDD, Gems

For example, if something is supposed to automatically delete every 7 days, how do you test for that?

Two ideas

  1. You can manually changed the created_at data in the database to back date an item, simulating it was created 7 days ago


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Shortcut for finding recent things you have typed on the command line

10/28/14  Public, Command Line, Shortcuts

  • control + r
  • then start typing part of what you are looking for
  • hit enter to select what you want

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HTML symbol for creating one blank space

03/22/15  Public, Other Languages


For example, here are two spaces:

<p>Created: <%= @note.created_at.strftime("%b %d, %Y") %> &nbsp; &nbsp; Updated: <%= @note.updated_at.strftime("%b %d, %Y") %></p>

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Website and way to create a favicon for the browser tab

10/28/14  Public, Online Resources

Simply add this to the <head></head>section of your layouts:
<%= favicon_link_tag 'favicon.ico' %>
Place the favicon.ico image in /app/assets/images/ if you are using the asset pipeline, and in /public/images/ if you are not.
Also, ther...

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Debugging & learning SQL in the rails console

11/19/15  Public, Databases, Troubleshooting, Other Languages

Sometimes examining the SQL generated by ActiveRecord query and finder methods can be useful in debugging and learning SQL. Rails' ActiveRecord provides the to_sql method to make this easy.

Open up the rails console with rails c or `rails c...

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Using your command line's history

11/15/14  Public, Command Line

Your command line remembers everything you've previously typed, and this history is searchable.

Your command line history is useful when you roughly remember the command you want, but can't remember exactly how to type it.

Navigate hist...

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