Two Rails syntax methods for creating a table with columns in the database

11/15/14  Public, Rails General

Full syntax method. Used when adding a one-off column

create_table "table" do |t|
  t.column "name", :type, options

Shortened syntax method. More common.

create_table "table" do |t|
  t.type "name", options...

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Command for seeing all available rake tasks

11/15/14  Public, Command Line

$ rake -T

To see just the rake database related tasks:

$ rake -T db

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How to log into MySQL in the terminal

11/15/14  Public, Command Line, Databases

$ mysql -u root -p
$ enter in your password

Here is how to log into a MySQL database as a specific user, connecting to a named, specific database, with a password

In this example, the name of the user is simple_cms2
and the name of...

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Coloring the tab of an un-saved file in Sublime text

11/15/14  Public, Tricks

This will make the tab's text orange whenever there are unsaved changes to a file.

  1. From the Preferences, select Settings-User
  2. Add in this line: "highlight_modified_tabs": true,

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Expand and collapse folder tree in Sublime

11/15/14  Public, Shortcuts

Hold down the Option Key + mouse click on folder

Holding down Option key while clicking a folder allows you to expand/collapse the entire tree of that folder.

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Tip for proofreading code

11/15/14  Public, Tricks

  • Go through a file and review each line going backward.
  • Start at the last line, and check each word in reverse against what you should have typed.
  • It's a trick to make your brain not attach meaning to each part of the code, and doing that...

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Command for starting an IRB simple prompt session

11/15/14  Public, Command Line

Into the command line type $ irb --simple-prompt

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Ruby and jQuery cheat sheets

11/09/14  Public, Cheat Sheets



Great site. Also contains cheat sheets for Git, HTML, MySQL, JavaScript and more.

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Using jQuery to return which item is selected in a group of radio buttons, in a form

11/10/14  Public, Other Languages

Here is a snippet of code from a form for a group of radio buttons:

<p>Age group:</p>
<label><input type="radio" id="age0" name="age" value="-30" /> under 30</label>
<label><input type="radio" id="age1" name="age" value="30-50" check...

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Using jQuery to determine if a checkbox from a form is or is not checked

11/08/14  Public, Other Languages

Here is a snippet of code from a form for a checkbox with a label:

<label><input type="checkbox" id="like" name="like" checked="checked" /> I like jQuery</label>

This line of jQuery will determine if the box is checked, and log...

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