Load a file into IRB from the root directory's perspective

05/24/15  Public, Command Line

  • Begin withload
  • Followed by a ~, which represents the root directory
  • followed by the file path, from the root directory, to the file in question

For example:

$ load '~/Dropbox/Coding/Sandbox/Random/bench_kill_data.rb'

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Git reset one file

04/08/15  Public, Git

$ git checkout HEAD -- my-file.txt

For example:

$ git checkout HEAD -- README.md


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RSpec Expectation Matchers

04/02/15  Public, Testing / TDD

RSpec list of available Expectation Matchers. From the Lynda.com course RSpec Testing Framework with Ruby

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Command line keyboard shortcuts

04/02/15  Public, Shortcuts

control + a = Move to the start of the line
control + e = Move to the end of the line
esc + f = Move forward a word
esc + b = Move backward a word
control + b = Move back one character
control + f = Move forward one character

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Command to access your Rails sqlite3 database from the command line

03/28/15  Public, Databases

$ sqlite3 db/development.sqlite3

Run .tables to get a list of database tables, to confirm you are in the right place

Then run .help for list of available commands

Reference site: https://www.sqlite.org/cli.html

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rbenv common commands

04/04/15  Public, Other Languages

From the rbenv GitHub site

rbenv versions lists all Ruby versions known to rbenv, and shows an asterisk next to the currently active version.

$ rbenv versions

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Ideal code description

03/14/15  Public, Ruby General

In most cases, our idea of ideal code is simple, readable, maintainable, and modular.


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RSpec - Composing Matchers

03/05/15  Public, Testing / TDD

describe 'composing matchers' do
  # some matchers accept matchers as arguments. (new in rspec3)

  it 'will match all collection elements using a matcher' do
    array = [1,2,3]
    expect(array).to all( be < 5 )

  it ...

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RSpec - Compound Matchers

03/05/15  Public, Testing / TDD

describe 'compound expectations' do

  it 'will match using: and, or, &, |' do
    expect([1,2,3,4]).to start_with(1).and end_with(4)

    expect([1,2,3,4]).to start_with(1) & include(2)

    expect(10 * 10).to be_odd.or be >...

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RSpec - Observation Matchers

03/05/15  Public, Testing / TDD

describe 'observation matchers' do
  # Note that all of these use "expect {}", not "expect()".
  # It is a special block format that allows a 
  # process to take place inside of the expectation.

  it 'will match when events chang...

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