Nested Rails Params Hash in a Form

06/11/17  Public, Rails General

When implementing a form object approach, you'll want to create a params hash with nested areas for attributes for two different models.

Note the `manager...

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Sublime text - jump to top of tree

05/07/17  Public, Shortcuts

  1. control + 0 focuses on the tree
  2. cmd + up-arrow jumps to the top of the tree

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Shortened, one line version of a spec

04/25/17  Public, Testing / TDD

Here is the full syntax version of a spec:

it "returns no results" do
  expect(results).to be_nil

Here is the same spec, in the shortened, one line version:

it { expect(results).to be_nil }

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Disable an ES lint rule - inline

04/24/17  Public, Other Languages

The linting error I was receiving was:

Do not mutate state directly. Use setState() 

Here is an example of applying the inline disabling of the r...

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Expand out html tags in React jsx files using Emmet

02/18/17  Public, Shortcuts

control + e

turns span.blah into <span className="blah"></span>

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Shortcut for bringing up mission control in a Mac

01/16/17  Public, Shortcuts

control + up arrow

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Shortcut for highlighting URL in chrome

01/16/17  Public, Shortcuts

command + L

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Free course on how to contribute to an open source project

12/27/16  Public, Git

Great free course on how to contribute to an open source project. Includes all of the small, integral steps that are key to the contribution process.

Here are s...

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