RSpec - Truthiness Matchers

03/05/15  Public, Testing / TDD

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RSpec - Equivalence Matchers

03/05/15  Public, Testing / TDD

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Using the .class method to determine if an object is what you are looking for

05/28/15  Public, Tricks, Ruby General

Let's say that you want to use a given object if the object is an array; however, if the object is not an array (meaning it is a string, or a fixnum, etc.), then you do not want to use it.

You can use the .class method with conditional l...

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Great tutorial on Regular Expressions

12/10/14  Public, Ruby General tutorial on Regular Expressions

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Gem to help with Rails Errors

05/10/15  Public, Rails Errors, Gems

When dealing with a particularly complex bug, logging and raising errors can become tedious or imprecise. The better_errors gem is there to help. The gem transforms your in-browser error page, add...

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Viewing the available methods for a given object

12/10/14  Public, Ruby General

As soon as an object comes into existence, it already responds to a number of messages. Every object is "born" with certain innate abilities. For example, if you have a class called Dog, and you create a new object like this, from the command ...

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How to remove any non-alpha characters (a to z) from a string using gsub and RegEx

12/05/14  Public, Tricks, Ruby General

For example, let's say that you have a method that determines if a particular word (string) is a palindrome or not. As a fringe case, what if the string happens to contain characters like . or...

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Command to create a new controller in Rails

12/01/14  Public, Command Line, Rails General

Here's the command to create a new controller in rails, from the command line.

$ rails g controller welcome index about

This example will be for a controller called welcome. In addition to the controller file, it will create two defau...

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How to require and re-load a Ruby file during an IRB session

11/24/14  Public, Command Line, Ruby General

This is so you can upload some existing classes and/or methods that you have written in a file, during an IRB session.

  1. Make sure you are in the same directory as the file in question, then start the IRB session, i.e. $ irb
  2. Enter into...

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Way to test a specific section in a file without using Focus

11/24/14  Public, Tricks, Testing / TDD

Adding a focus to a spec file is good way to just test that specific area. The one drawback is you have to remember to remove the...

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