Create a Rails path helper link to a specific anchor tag section of a page

06/13/20  Public, Rails Errors

admin_company_settings_path(anchor: 'autopilot-mode')

#=> /admin/company_settings#autopilot-mode

Links to that page, scrolled to the DOM element containing id="autopilot-mode"

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Tail the test / spec logs

03/06/20  Public, Rails Errors

In a separate tab run:

$ tail -f log/test.log

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kill all ruby processes

03/04/20  Public, Ruby General

Kill all at once

for each in `ps -eo pid,command | grep ruby | grep -v grep | awk '{print $1}' `; do kill -9 $each;done
killall −9 ruby
pkill -9 ruby
pidof ruby | xargs kill -9
ps aux | grep sidekiq | awk '{print $2}' | xargs kill

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Find and extract a recurring pattern from a string

01/09/20  Public, Ruby General

For example, let's say that you have a string containing any number of Slack user ids (i.e. <@W012A3CDE>), and you need to extract out just the user ids.

Here is the string you are startin...

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Rails scope with and without arguments

12/11/19  Public, Rails General

Model scope with argument:

scope :for_company, ->(company_id) { where(company_id: company_id) }

Model scope without arguments:

scope :admins, -> { where(role: 'Admin') }

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Code review comments

01/31/20  Public, Rails Errors, Ruby General

instance variables / getters / setters

re: @redis

In general for getters and setters in our classes. Can we:

  1. limit the usage of instance variables to setters (@redis), i.e. where we are assigning things, and
  2. use an `attr_...

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Import a CSV file

02/17/19  Public, Ruby General

This is a simple implementation that uses Ruby's CSV class to:

  • import a local .csv file
  • account for the first line of the file being the headers
  • converting these headers in...

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Using Nokogiri to parse an XML page

02/16/19  Public, Ruby General, Gems

My solution for Upcase's Analyzing Shakespeare challenge where we:

  • take a given URL to an XML-encoded page
  • download and parse the page at runtime



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In Jest run one specific test in a file using npm test

02/08/19  Public, Testing / TDD


  • using Jest JavaScript framework
  • have an npm script in package.json for test set to jest
  "scripts": {
    "test": "jest"
  • have a test file in the following location:

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Open and edit Rails 5.2 credentials file

10/12/18  Public, Rails General

Here is an example of how to open and edit the new credentials file that came out in Rails 5.2. This example is using Sublime as the editor.

1. From the root of the project run:

➜  EDITOR="subl --wait" rails credentials:edit


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