You deleted 15 lines of my code, added two words and an exclamation point, and now it works…Dang it! How did you do that?!
Enough said. You will encounter many of these moments when working with other developers. You’ll hear people say things like, “Oh it’s just something I picked up along the way.” When you see a trick, write it down. You will want to remember them.

Way to test a specific section in a file without using Focus

11/24/14  Public, Tricks, Testing / TDD

Adding a focus to a spec file is good way to just test that specific area. The one drawback is you have to remember to remove the...

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Tip for proofreading code

11/15/14  Public, Tricks

  • Go through a file and review each line going backward.
  • Start at the last line, and check each word in reverse against what you should have typed.
  • It's a trick to make your brain not attach meaning to each part of the code, and doing that...

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Coloring the tab of an un-saved file in Sublime text

11/15/14  Public, Tricks

This will make the tab's text orange whenever there are unsaved changes to a file.

  1. From the Preferences, select Settings-User
  2. Add in this line: "highlight_modified_tabs": true,

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mangling arrays

11/07/14  Public, Tricks, Ruby General

To take an array like:

and have it result in an array of pairs such as:

You can use each_slice method.

Provided, of course, that array is assigned the original ...

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Ways to create test email addresses

10/28/14  Public, Tricks, Testing / TDD

1) You can add a “+” sign right after your email prefix, and then add anything after that, between the + and the @, and it will create unique test emails address. All of which will be emailed to your original address.

For example, if your emai...

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