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There are 1.1 billion websites on the Internet. As you progress through your journey of becoming a Ruby on Rails developer, you will come across some great tutorials, blogs, solutions, articles, podcasts, sources of inspiration, answers to questions, etc. Once you’ve found these gems, you’ll want to remember them, and keep them handy.

How to edit the /etc/hosts file

05/25/18  Public, Command Line, Online Resources

How to edit the / etc / hosts file:

For example, adding:    operationcode-psql 

to your /etc/hosts file enables you to run Rails app that uses Docker, withou...

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Ruby Blog

02/19/18  Public, Online Resources

This is my blog where I have written over 60 free articles for everyone to enjoy.

You will find all kinds of topics covered:

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When making API call In postman, how to pass a JSON string

11/07/17  Public, Online Resources, Other Languages

  • after selecting POST
  • click the Body tab
  • click the raw radio button
  • select the JSON option from the drop-down
  • add the JSON code

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Add all Google Fonts to Sketch 3

10/03/15  Public, Online Resources


All you have to do is paste the code below into Terminal:

curl | sh

If yo...

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01/01/15  Public, Online Resources

What's the difference between procs/lambdas.

Method visibility in ruby

Here's an...

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