Isn’t a database just a spreadsheet? No?! Oh man!
A database makes a website a web application…don’t take this power lightly. How do I interact with the data? How do I get this data to interact with that other data? Why is it so hard to access the frickin’ data?! Wait, what happened to all my data? There is much to learn, to remember, and to respect about working with databases.

Rails database column migration methods

11/15/14  Public, Databases, Rails General

add_column(table, column, type, options)
remove_column(table, column)
rename_column(table, column, new_name)
change_column(table, column, type, options)

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How to log into MySQL in the terminal

11/15/14  Public, Command Line, Databases

$ mysql -u root -p
$ enter in your password

Here is how to log into a MySQL database as a specific user, connecting to a named, specific database, with a password

In this example, the name of the user is simple_cms2
and the name of...

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Changing a column in the database

10/25/14  Public, Databases

I only recommend doing this if you are rolling back just one migration. If there have been many migrations since the change that you want to make, be aware that there may be data issues depending on what has transpired since that migration.

I ...

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