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Not learning Ruby is a bit like knowing how to fly a plane…on the ground.
Without Ruby, there is no Rails. Ruby is the backbone. It would be wise to have a reasonably solid Ruby foundation before adding on Rails. After that you will hit a certain point where you’ll realize that, in order to enact a desired feature for your web app, you’ll need to apply more advanced Ruby tactics. This will also come into play when trying to understand other developer’s code. As you move further down your Ruby learning path, your eyes will open wider to how much you can do with Ruby, and all the elegant and clever ways people apply Ruby to accomplish a given task. You will want to remember these. This stack is dedicated to capturing these moments of Ruby enlightenment.

How to remove any non-alpha characters (a to z) from a string using gsub and RegEx

12/05/14  Public, Tricks, Ruby General

For example, let's say that you have a method that determines if a particular word (string) is a palindrome or not. As a fringe case, what if the string happens to contain characters like . or...

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How to require and re-load a Ruby file during an IRB session

11/24/14  Public, Command Line, Ruby General

This is so you can upload some existing classes and/or methods that you have written in a file, during an IRB session.

  1. Make sure you are in the same directory as the file in question, then start the IRB session, i.e. $ irb
  2. Enter into...

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mangling arrays

11/07/14  Public, Tricks, Ruby General

To take an array like:

[1, 3, 'two', 5]

and have it result in an array of pairs such as:

[[1, 3], 'two', 5]]

You can use each_slice method.


Provided, of course, that array is assigned the original ...

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