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Not learning Ruby is a bit like knowing how to fly a plane…on the ground.
Without Ruby, there is no Rails. Ruby is the backbone. It would be wise to have a reasonably solid Ruby foundation before adding on Rails. After that you will hit a certain point where you’ll realize that, in order to enact a desired feature for your web app, you’ll need to apply more advanced Ruby tactics. This will also come into play when trying to understand other developer’s code. As you move further down your Ruby learning path, your eyes will open wider to how much you can do with Ruby, and all the elegant and clever ways people apply Ruby to accomplish a given task. You will want to remember these. This stack is dedicated to capturing these moments of Ruby enlightenment.

Import a CSV file

02/17/19  Public, Ruby General

This is a simple implementation that uses Ruby's CSV class to:

  • import a local .csv file
  • account for the first line of the file being the headers
  • converting these headers in...

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Using Nokogiri to parse an XML page

02/16/19  Public, Ruby General, Gems

My solution for Upcase's Analyzing Shakespeare challenge where we:

  • take a given URL to an XML-encoded page
  • download and parse the page at runtime



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Passing a block into a method, as a parameter - Using Proc and &block

02/12/19  Public, Ruby General

In order to pass a block into a method, as a parameter:

  1. Create a Proc and put the block's contents inside of it
  2. Pass the Proc in as parameter, placing an & in front of the variable's name
  3. In the method, the block parameter will...

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Set up a Ruby project with RSpec

01/30/19  Public, Testing / TDD, Ruby General

1. First make sure you have rspec and byebug installed:

➜  byebug -v
  Running byebug 9.1.0
➜  rspec -v
RSpec 3.6
  - rspec-core 3.6.0
  - rspec-expectations 3.6.0
  - rspec-mocks 3.6.0
  - rspec-rails 3.6.1
  - rspec-supp...

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Explanation of the Singleton Pattern in ruby

06/18/18  Public, Ruby General

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