What’s get? Oh…GIT. I don’t git it. Who’s on first?
As you will find, Git is no joke. Version control is paramount when professionally writing code, and Git is the go-to version control system for Ruby on Rails. The Git basics can be grasped quickly, but should not be taken for granted. Git also offers a much deeper and broader set of functionality that is extremely powerful, and can have a steep learning curve. This stack is dedicated to all things Git. Git commands, concepts, processes, Github, Git tools, resources, best practices, tutorials, etc.

Favor everything on HEAD in a Git merge conflict

09/28/17  Public, Git

Let's say that you are rebasing your current branch on master, and you run into merge conflicts. For example with a blog.rb file. If you have a situation where you might be inclined to fix it by:

  • going to master
  • copying the entire ...

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Free course on how to contribute to an open source project

12/27/16  Public, Git

Great free course on how to contribute to an open source project. Includes all of the small, integral steps that are key to the contribution process.

Here are s...

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Sharing your GitHub SSH public key

10/16/15  Public, Git

Check if you have an SSH key by calling $ ls -al ~/.ssh. If you have these in there:

Then continue on. If not, follow the steps in the link at the bottom of the page.

1 - In your terminal, go to the root ...

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Change remote Git URL after forking a repository

10/13/15  Public, Git

After you have forked and cloned the repository:

$ cd into-the-repository
$ git remote set-url origin

So for example, if your GitHub username is hpjaj, and the repo is holo-alfa, h...

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