Rails Errors

Rails error pages are FANTASTIC…when you understand what the heck that gibberish is all about.
This stack is for interpreting Rails error pages. We learn from our mistakes. This will likely not be the last time you see this particular flavor of error. When you get an error page, and something clicks in your mind, capture it. Translate what the error is really telling you. When looking at a Rails error with a mentor or senior developer, ask them to explain what they see in the error. What are the cues, the key terms and phrases, and how do they leverage this information to resolve the issue.

Gem to help with Rails Errors

05/10/15  Public, Rails Errors, Gems

When dealing with a particularly complex bug, logging and raising errors can become tedious or imprecise. The better_errors gem is there to help. The gem transforms your in-browser error page, add...

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